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Italian Sausage Soup Recipe

Italian Sausage Soup Recipe

Italian Sausage Soup

I am sure you are well aware that having children and making a meal that they all like is difficult. How about making a meal for you Italian husband who thinks his mom’s cooking is the best ever. Well, I found that this soup is not only a crowd pleaser but simple and easy to make. I like recipes I can freeze and this is one of them. If you intend to freeze I would cook the pasta and add it into to each bowl then you can freeze the rest of the soup in a freezer bag. Continue reading

Food Bloggers Challenge Week 3 – Something Green

Welcome to our 3rd week of the Weekly Bloggers Challenge! Last week bloggers linked up their yummy banana inspired recipes and it was a tough choice picking 1 to highlight. I think they were all fantastic, but the Banana Jam from Ellen at Confessions of an Overworked Mom was totally creative.

how-to-make-banana-jam Who knew you could make banana jam? I sure didn’t! Thanks for linking up, Ellen!

This week our challenge ingredient is something green. Green fruits and/or vegetables will be the focal point of the upcoming recipes. I know I’m excited to see what’s on the menu fr the coming week, what about you? Maybe Spring will take the hint and actually come to fruition – here’s hoping.

We’d love to have you link up your something green inspired recipe. The only rule we have is that the recipe be unique – made by you. Feel free to adapt from another recipe but just make sure you adapt enough to make it your own. If you’d like to join in on the weekly fun you can join our Facebook group where you’ll have a heads up on the weeks ingredient and get the linky code to add to your post.


Be sure to check back often since This linky is open for the next week – you never know what will be linked up!

Food Bloggers Challenge – Week 2

Last week food bloggers dug into their creative sides to deliver some amazing Squash recipes. Each week food bloggers create and share a unique recipe using a single ingredient as the base of the recipe. This challenge is designed to challenge the food bloggers to enhance their creativity, hone their cooking skills and have fun in the kitchen.


Choosing a favorite from those submitted was hard, but based on what I would enjoy I have to say the Butternut Squash Chocolate Cake from When is Dinner was very creative. To put squash in a cake – a chocolate cake – wow! That’s something you just have to try for yourself.

This coming week our ingredient is Bananas. I can just taste the deliciousness that is to come with this one! Will you be joining us for the challenge? Feel free to join our Facebook Group to grab the linky code, ask questions or get in the mix with the Food Bloggers Weekly Challenge.  You can jump in any week and participation isn’t mandatory. If you have a great idea to use bananas as the foundation for a unique recipe join us and share it by Sunday!

Food Bloggers Challenge: Week 1 – Squash

Welcome to the first week of the food bloggers challenge! The chosen ingredient for this week is squash. It was actually spaghetti squash but since that isn’t readily available in all markets we broadened the scope. Be sure to hop around and see what all these awesome bloggers came up with this week. Also, leave a comment and let us know which ingredient you’d like to see us use for future challenges!


If you’d like to join this week’s food bloggers challenge just create a unique recipe (adapting is fine, just make sure you adapt enough to make it yours) and link it up below. Each week we’ll feature at least one of the previous weeks dishes so make sure you have an awesome recipe and photos! Make sure squash is prominent in the recipe! You can make any dish: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack, appetizer, drink – just make sure there’s squash in there!!

This food bloggers challenge is all about challenging yourself as a  blogger, a photographer and a cook. Get creative and be original. Style your plate in a new way and let everyone know what the dish means to you;  but most of all have fun!

Food Bloggers Challenge

If you’re a Food Network watcher you’ve seen shows like Iron Chef where the chefs are given a secret ingredient or ingredients that they must use in their recipes. I love that part of these shows and while in the shower tonight (that’s where I have my best ideas – it’s the only quiet time I get) I realized how fun that would be to implement into a blog. I see it as a way to challenge myself, my cooking and my creativity. So how about it? This is what I have in mind:



Each week (we’ll say Sunday) the secret ingredient will be randomly chosen from the comments on the week before’s post. I’m thinking a Facebook group may be the best bet for announcing the week’s ingredient, linky codes and feedback. You can join the group here.

We’ll create our own recipes (adapting from another is acceptable – as long as you make it yours) and post it by Friday.

There will be a weekly linky for all participating blogs to share their creations.

Each week a recipe from the week before will be featured for it’s awesomeness.


Comment and let us know what ingredient you’d like to see for the first challenge.

Check out the recipes linked up to find new recipes to try.


I have tons of ideas running around in my head and I’m sure some of them don’t make sense right now, but I’d love your opinions! Would also love your suggestions for the first weeks challenge – what ingredient(s) would you love to see a recipe for?

Be as creative/bold/traditional as you want – no suggestion is a bad suggestion (unless it’s illegal – let’s keep it legal 🙂 )