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30 Minute Dinner with Tyson Chicken: Honey Barbecue Chicken Strips Pizza #MealsTogether

You can’t call yourself country and not love chicken, can you? It’s just not right. That is my grandmother’s way of thinking and I get a drawn out lecture whenever we go for dinner. Granny’s all about fried chicken; she even serves it alongside Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m not a huge chicken fan. Don’t get me wrong, Granny makes the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten but it’s not my favorite food.

Another thing, I only eat breast meat – I don’t like dark meat at all. In an area where factories like Tyson Chicken are dominant that’s kind of a slap in the face to them. My family on the other hand are truly country and love all things chicken. To compromise I serve it often and try to make sure there’s white meat so I’m not starving.


My most recent shopping trip led me to the recipe I’m sharing today: Honey Barbecue Chicken Pizza. Is your tummy rumbling yet?! See, I always start at the end of the grocery section in Walmart, that way I get those things I’m likely to forget – like milk, eggs and cheese. As I was rounding the corner of the dairy aisle I saw a display for Tyson Honey Barbecue Chicken Strips. That sent bells and whistles off in my head (well they were actually from the security alarm, but I still had an awesome idea.)


Chicken and pizza are the end all foods for my family so pairing the 2 seemed genius. I’ve had Buffalo Chicken Pizza before but didn’t care for it too much, Honey Barbecue Chicken Pizza on the other hand sounded right up my alley. I picked up everything I needed to make the pizza (see my shopping trip here) and headed home to make dinner. I rounded up the ingredients:


  • 1 ready to go pizza crust
  • 1 jar of honey barbecue sauce
  • Italian Cheese
  • Parmigiana cheese
  • 1 bag of Tyson Honey Barbecue Chicken Strips

I heated up the Tyson Honey Barbecue Chicken Strips first – the package suggested 20 minutes however, since I was going to cook them a little longer on the pizza I went with 13 minutes. I wanted to make sure the pizza didn’t get soggy plus I wanted to snack on them as I assembled the pizza – these things are delicious!


I spread the sauce on the pizza in a thin layer. I didn’t want to overwhelm the pizza or take away from the Tyson Honey Barbecue Chicken Strips. I cut up 2 large pieces of the chicken strips. I put one layer on the sauce, added some cheese, then added the remaining chicken on top of the cheese. I baked it for 7 minutes at 400 degrees and it was done!


This is a quick dinner. Pairing it with a tossed salad makes it a complete meal in under 30 minutes. You can make the salad while you’re heating up the chicken strips. This is one of many fun recipes using Tyson Chicken that kids can help with! Let them cut up the chicken (nibbling as they go of course), add the cheese and/or spread the sauce. Family meals are so much better when everyone is involved in bringing it together, don’t ya think?

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