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Banana Cheesecake with Rum Glazed Walnut Topping

By Amee / March 19, 2013

Oh, Bananas, how I love thee. You’re such a┬ádelicious┬átreat and you’re always there when I need you. You know it’s true; regardless of what time of year it is you’re bound to find bananas sitting pretty in the produce section. The ingredient for this week’s Food Blogger Challenge happens to be bananas so imagine all […]


Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie

By Amee / February 13, 2013

I like to think of John as the Yin to my Yang. The Abbott to my Costello. What can I say? Valentines Day is tomorrow and we have that dorky kind of love. See, John and I balance each other out. I like cookies and cakes and he prefers pies and pastries. He dislikes creams […]

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