Clean Up with Windex Touch Up Cleaner

When John and I got our first home together I made the joke “I don’t do windows.” I really dislike cleaning, but I hate cleaning windows – especially those that are high up.

Of course I do clean them, and I’ve always used Windex to get the job done. It’s a brand I trust and puts less work on me.

Windex has come out with a great new product called Touch Up Cleaner.  Cleaning your kitchen and bathroom has never been easier.

Windex Touch Up Cleaner is an antibacterial meant to stay near the action, so that you can keep a bottle in your bathroom and kitchen…

The bottle is designed to be up close and personal in the action to make cleaning that much easier for you, which is always a plus in my book.

 Windex Touch Up Cleaner
My cutting board before Windex Touch Up Cleaner

I use the kitchen cleaner to wipe down my cutting board between prep work. It has a lovely citrus scent (hence the name Glistening Citrus®) that leaves the entire kitchen smelling like lemon.

I love that smell (yea, I’m slightly obsessed with lemons.) John spent an extra amount of time in the kitchen just sniffing – it was one of those you had to be there moments.

These cleaners don’t just smell great though, they’re also easy to use!  Just push down on the pump to apply the solution to the paper towel, rag, or whatever you are using to clean, and rub down your surfaces, and voila!

Clean in just one easy step, and you don’t have to cart it with you into the next room, because there will already be a bottle waiting there for you!

 Windex Touch Up Cleaner
My cutting board after Windex Touch Up Cleaner

Cleaning and sanitizing can now be achieved quickly and easily.  Use it on your most used surfaces to get a shine you haven’t seen in years.  Your counter tops will sparkle, your mirrors will be super shiny, and more!

All of this from a small bottle, that is compact enough to leave sit on a window sill if you want!  That way you can get the grimy toothpaste off of your mirrors in the mornings (and give your husband NO excuse not to do it himself!)

The great action of Windex in a general cleaner for any dirty surface!  Nothing beats the power of Windex!

Have you tried Windex Touch Up Cleaner yet?  If so, what did you think?

You can find  Windex Touch Up Cleaner at your local grocery, drug, hardware, and discount stores in the U.S. At just $3.99 you can’t beat it! You can also connect with Windex on Facebook.