apple tart

Easy Apple Tart Recipe

Easy Apple Tart Recipe This recipe is my Grandmother’s and it one of the first that I will make. I decided it was time to cook everything in her cookbook. I asked my sister to take this journey with me. Cooking was my grandmother’s way to show her love. I thought this would be a […]

picmonkey final cranberry

Easy Cranberry Recipes

Easy Cranberry Recipes     Oh! There is a story to go with these Easy Cranberry Recipes muffins. I got busted by my children for not eating breakfast. I rarely do. I grab my Spark Drink and I dropped them off at school and then I go to the gym. Then I grab a handful of almonds […]

Strawberry Ice Cream Cookie

Valentines Day Recipes Kids: Strawberry Ice Cream Cookie

     Valentines Day Recipes  for Kids I love to make memories with my children and thus we started a whole cooking with kids series on my original website Madame . We made a whole section with tons of recipes kids can make we called it Valentines Day Recipes Kids. I found the experiment […]


Sausage soup

Italian Sausage Soup

Italian Sausage Soup I am sure you are well aware that having children and making a meal that they all like is difficult. How about making a meal for you Italian husband who thinks his mom’s cooking is the best ever. Well, I found that this soup is not only a crowd pleaser but simple […]

pot pie featured

Guinness Stew Pot Pies

Guinness Stew is a far cry from your regular beef stew. The addition of Guinness beer brings a bold, rich flavor that you wont find in your moms beef stew. Fork tender beef, large chunks of root vegetables and the rich broth make this Irish Stew memorable. St. Patrick’s Day comes in March which is […]


Dublin Coddle Crock Pot Version – St. Patrick’s Day

I thought my step dad made up the word coddle. It just sounds made up, doesn’t it? Then I grew up and discovered Google; coddle was one of the first things I searched for. Turns out he not only didn’t make it up but it’s actually a very popular traditional Irish dish. My mom used to make Dublin Coddle on poker […]

Apps & Sides

easy goat cheese recipe

Easy Appetizer with Dates and Bacon

Easy Appetizer I love appetizers. This is the story behind this recipe. I went on a date with my husband to a tapas bar. I ordered these and then I had to order another plate. They were so good I couldn’t believe that they were so easy to make. These easy goat cheese appetizers can be […]

Pepperoni Pizza Bread Recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Bread Recipe

Pepperoni Pizza Bread Recipe I needed a recipe that was easy to prepare and kid friendly. This recipe has to be one that I could take with me to parties and not have to worry about a big spill. I also wanted something that looked pretty. This recipe is inexpensive and pretty. I love nothing […]

greek pasta salad

Greek Pasta Salad Recipes

Greek Pasta Salad Recipes The story behind this recipes is a girl’s trip I took. I am not sure why but I always wanted to go to Greece. I finally had the opportunity to go to Greece a couple of summers ago. The taste of the fresh feta cheese has never left my mind. I […]


one pot chicken recipe

One Pot Chicken Recipe

One Pot Chicken Recipe   It was ten years ago almost that this recipe walked through my door. It was in one of those pans that you just throw away. It was brought to my door as a friendly gesture. I had just had a baby and one of my friends Meigan had made me […]

Lobster cake

Lobster Cakes

Lobster Cakes I love lobster. When I came across this recipe for lobster cakes well. I had to try. I am a budget minding girl and having a budget doesn’t lend itself to full lobsters often but buying one lobster and making it into a meal for four well that my friends is living the […]

crockpot cranberry chicken recipe

Crockpot Cranberry Chicken Recipe

Crockpot Cranberry Chicken Recipe I have so much to say about my life and how this recipe fell into it. I am a huge fan of cranberry sauce in fact I have to eat it every time I have turkey or chicken. I used to wait until the kids went to bed so I didn’t […]



Easy Mexican Pork Chops – Dinner Made Simple

Since being sick took so much out of me I haven’t really had the energy to make intricate meals. I’ve been trying to stick with easy food and these Easy Mexican Pork Chops were a life saver tonight. A few simple ingredients (whole kernel corn, tomato sauce and seasonings) mixed together with pork chops then served over steamed […]


How to Choose Kitchen Knives + Good Cook Knife Set Give Away

Does your kitchen suffer from dull knife syndrome? Mine did and what made it worse was I had just bought a pretty expensive set of knives. They were great the first use and then dulled down to the point I was sawing instead of cutting. So, what do you look for when you’re selecting kitchen knives? I’ll […]


Tortuga Rum Cakes Review

Holiday desserts are highly sought after. That’s an understatement; sometimes I think the only reason we eat dinner is for the desserts. What about you – do you fill up on holiday dinner or do you make sure to save room for dessert? While there’s something to be said about those who spend days preparing […]