Food Bloggers Challenge

If you’re a Food Network watcher you’ve seen shows like Iron Chef where the chefs are given a secret ingredient or ingredients that they must use in their recipes. I love that part of these shows and while in the shower tonight (that’s where I have my best ideas – it’s the only quiet time I get) I realized how fun that would be to implement into a blog. I see it as a way to challenge myself, my cooking and my creativity. So how about it? This is what I have in mind:



Each week (we’ll say Sunday) the secret ingredient will be randomly chosen from the comments on the week before’s post. I’m thinking a Facebook group may be the best bet for announcing the week’s ingredient, linky codes and feedback. You can join the group here.

We’ll create our own recipes (adapting from another is acceptable – as long as you make it yours) and post it by Friday.

There will be a weekly linky for all participating blogs to share their creations.

Each week a recipe from the week before will be featured for it’s awesomeness.


Comment and let us know what ingredient you’d like to see for the first challenge.

Check out the recipes linked up to find new recipes to try.


I have tons of ideas running around in my head and I’m sure some of them don’t make sense right now, but I’d love your opinions! Would also love your suggestions for the first weeks challenge – what ingredient(s) would you love to see a recipe for?

Be as creative/bold/traditional as you want – no suggestion is a bad suggestion (unless it’s illegal – let’s keep it legal 🙂 )

Jamie - March 10, 2013

Love this idea!! This is how I try to challenge myself in the kitchen so would love to do this as a group too =)

Emily - March 10, 2013

This sounds fun! Not saying that I will participate every week, but I will try!

Right now, I am obsessed with spaghetti squash-that’s my suggestion!

Ellen Christian - March 10, 2013

This sounds like loads of fun. Ingredient suggestions – grapefruit or dill.

Libby's Library - March 10, 2013

This sounds like a lot of fun, and would probably help keep the doldrums away.

Nickida - March 10, 2013

I would like to suggest potatoes

Karen - March 10, 2013

Sounds fun! My crew is picky, so I may not be able to participate *every* week, but I think it’ll be fun. With Easter coming up, I think it would be fun to work along that theme. Maybe eggs, ham, bread?

Laura - March 10, 2013

Love it! We used to watch the old Iron Chef for Morimoto and Sakai. I also love Chopped. I’m in…like others I have some picky eaters so maybe not every week.

Stacey @ Newlywed Survival - March 10, 2013

Awesome idea! I will try to participate when possible! I would like to suggest these things my husband loves: salsa, hot sauce, or hot peppers.

Erica - March 10, 2013

Fun idea! I love Food Network shows! My food suggestion would be either avocado or banana. Both are looking pretty good at the grocery store right now.

@DealinandDishin - March 10, 2013

I cannot wait to do this Food Bloggers Challenge | via @GreenEggs_Amber

Cecile - March 10, 2013

What a great idea! I love the show Chopped where they have to use a basket full of ingredients. I open to try new things, but will shy away from the truly strange!

Sarah - March 10, 2013

I love this idea! I’d totally do it.

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