How to Cook Lamb Chops

How to Cook Lamb Chops


I originally had a version of this recipe while on a trip with my girl friends in New Mexico. I am a foodie when I am out with friends and a grab what you can before my kids touch it at home. I believe a good meal heals the soul and this was a yummy take on the Lamb I had. Don’t know How to Cook Lamb Chops? Don’t worry because Lamb is very easy to prepare.

How to Cook Lamb Chops

I find that I like to make a sweet marinate and then cook it over medium heat in the pan.

This is what I used for the marinate:

  • 3 TBS of honey
  • 1TBS of mint leaves you can also use a TBS of mint extract
  • A cup of orange juice

Then I marinated the Lamb for 30 minutes prior to cooking because I can’t seem to plan ahead. I added salt and pepper to taste.


You will want to grill your lamb in the pan turning it over as it browns. I try not to over cook it. It doesn’t take long so make sure you pay attention.


The internal temperature should reach 135 for rare and 140-150 degrees for medium rare. I like mine on the medium rare side. You can also go to 160 degrees for medium.

Lamb is an easy and favorable dish to cook.


The perfect partner to this lamb is my Morraccan Carrot Sauce recipe. Check out the recipe here.

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I have been nervous and haven’t tried Lamb chops, but this sounds doable and delish 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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Lisa - April 18, 2018

How long per side for medium?

Lisa - April 18, 2018

How long per side for medium

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