Students Go Gourmet Cookbook Review

Looking for a great cookbook can be difficult. Some have recipes that call for some famous chef to work their magic! Students-Go-Gourmet-Cookbook-Review
The Students Go Gourmet cookbook is different. It works with the time and budget restraints placed on college students. Do you remember living off of Ramen noodles and macaroni? I sure do! I didn’t have time or energy to cook most days. I also didn’t know half of what I do now about cooking. The Students Go Gourmet cookbook is full of recipes for college students and also comes with a complimentary instructional cooking DVD that teaches you the basics of knife skills, poached eggs, truffles, and more Students-Go-Gourmet-Cookbook
There are recipes by authors such as:  Sophia Khan, a world traveler and recent graduate of Yale and Harvard who through her overseas studies, and cultural experiences has learned how to prepare fast and delicious food.  Her aunt, Dr. Ellen Bass, a self-proclaimed Francophil, uses her experience as an award-winning Pediatrician and working mother to bring you healthy foods, and fresh ingredients.  They both bring their understanding of the need for quick and healthy recipes.

Inside the Students Go Gourmet Cookbook you find recipes inspired by Sophia’s travels to China, Italy, England, and Scotland, with sweet and savory combinations.  You’ll also find some great recipes that have a great fusion of spices like Cajun Sugar Popcorn.  They were striving to make this cookbook for college students different from other books on the market. Their goal was to come up with great tasting healthy meals–on a college student’s budget. I’d say they’ve succeeded.

In the Students Go Gourmet Cookbook you will learn:

  • How simple it is to cook healthy and fresh on a limited budget
  • The necessary ingredients to keep stocked in your pantry/fridge
  • How to curb your late night munchies by making great, healthy finger foods to snack on
  • How to prepare great tasting foods to wow your friends
  • How to actually cook through a complimentary video and the user-friendly, easily referenced directory which categorizes the food, explains cooking terms and equipment needed

Captain-CRUNCH-Ice-Cream-recipe Looking through the cookbook I found a lot of inspiration and meal ideas for my family. The beautiful part is that most can be prepared in limited time so for a busy mom it’s perfect. My son begged for the Captain Crunch Ice Cream. I followed the recipe to the letter and it came out delicious. It was a little hard for me since I like to put my own twist on things, but this didn’t need any changes.

I can definitely see this book being useful to anyone heading away for college or even those who want to enhance their cooking skills. The easy to follow recipes, tips and pointers are great for anyone regardless of how experienced they are in the kitchen. The photos aren’t high quality, but that has no affect on the food!


Get the Students Go Gourmet Cookbook

You can pick up a copy of Students Go Gourmet from a few different places. Head over to the Students Go Gourmet website to find out where and get free sample recipes! A portion of all proceeds will be donated to sustainable post-hurricane redevelopment efforts in the Ninth Ward in New Orleans.
You can also like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest news and promotions.

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Disclosure: I received a copy of the Students Go Gourmet Cookbook for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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