Roasting a Turkey



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Roasting a Turkey

The Roasting a Turkey story is actually pretty funny. It was early in my marriage and we decided to have everyone over for Thanksgiving. I did what I used to do best you know back before I lived life on a budget. I walked into to Whole Foods and I ordered my Thanksgiving dinner. I picked the $300 option. I know fall over. I used to spend that kind of money when I worked. I also didn’t know how to cook anything so this was a great idea. I got the food I took it home and I put it in my garage. The garage was cold so I didn’t think this would be an issue.

It was about three hours before dinner and my dad asked why I hadn’t put in the turkey. I told him we just have to heat it. Then I went to check and the turkey actually needed to be cooked. It was a disaster. We didn’t eat until almost 8 at night. I can’t believe I didn’t know you had to cook the turkey. The flyer said ready for Thanksgiving it didn’t say you have to cook this. I was so angry why would i pay $300 for a turkey that wasn’t cooked. I will say when I called Whole Foods the next day they did refund 50% of my total and apologized for not being clear. I would like to show you that I did learn how to cook an exceptional turkey and it was on a budget. I got my turkey for $.59 so it was only $7.58.


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How to cook a Turkey 



Roasting a Turkey
Recipe Type: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Author: Cooking in Bliss
Amazingly easy turkey roasting recipes.
  • Butter
  • Turkey
  • Herb de provence
  • Chicken Broth
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  1. ) If your turkey is frozen you will need to thaw it in the refrigerator DAYS before Thanksgiving. If you have screwed up and didn’t do this you can put it in cold water. You will need to keep changing the water until it is thawed. I hope you didn’t have plans this will take awhile.
  2. ) Then you will need to actually wash the turkey. You just use water. Do NOT use soap.
  3. ) Then you will pat the turkey dry with paper towels. I can imagine my husband grabbing a dish towel so I am being specific.
  4. ) You will take out everything that is in the turkey. It most likely has stuff in there. This stuff will be used in your gravy.
  5. ) You will cute a little piece of skin to allow for room for your hand to go under the skin. You will make a little clip up near the neck area and on the bottom.
  6. ) You will get the butter and divide it in half. You will take on half and place it in a measuring cup for later. The second half you will cut into thin squares.
  7. ) You will place the butter under the skin of the turkey.
  8. ) You will place the turkey in a roaster pan.
  9. ) Brush the out side of the turkey with olive oil
  10. ) Next place salt and pepper on the outside of the turkey just sprinkle a little bit.
  11. ) Then sprinkle the herb of your choice. I used Herbes De Provence
  12. ) Place 1 cup of chicken broth at the bottom of your turkey roasting pan
  13. ) Then place your turkey in a roasting bag ( I do not do this) You do not need one. It makes clean up easier. I just buy a foil roasting pan.
  14. ) Turn your oven to 400 degrees once the oven has reached this temperature I place my turkey in the oven with foil over the turkey for 60 minutes.
  15. ) Turn down the temperature to 325 degree for the remaining cooking time
  16. ) I set my microwave timer to go off every 30 minutes so I can go over and pour the liquid at the bottom of the pan over the turkey. This is called basting.
  17. ) Thirty minutes before the bird should be done I remove the foil.
  18. ) I check the turkey often to see that it reaches 180 degrees. I do so in the fattest part of the bird.
  19. ) I often crisp the skin by melting that final half of the butter and painting it on the skin of the turkey.
  20. ) Then I turn on broil for about 3 minutes while watching carefully to make sure I do not burn the turkey.
  21. ) Place foil lightly over the top and let the turkey rest before serving.




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ginette4 - November 20, 2014

Wow, what an expensive can they justify selling a turkey at that, the fact that you also had to cook
Reminds me of my first time cooking a turkey, it was also my last time cooking a turkey, let’s just say that I cook beef roast every time we have a get together

Matt Stringham - November 20, 2014

That is funny, we made the same mistake! Anyway, thanks for sharing this awesome recipe. I need to cook my own turkey this year due to my wifes family not being sensitive to my Celiac disease so I will try this out!

Julie Wood - November 20, 2014

WOW ! That was late at night for getting your Turkey Roasted. But Whole Foods should have told you this. Your discussion on how to roast a turkey really helped me. Thanks for sharing!

carrie ivy - November 21, 2014

Thank you hopefully I don’t burn my bird this year

cAROLSUE - November 22, 2014

What would I do without a good meat thermometer? I’ve had some turkey fails in the past myself.

wendy desrochers - November 23, 2014

the last few Thanksgivings, my mom has preferred taking us out to a fancy buffet at a beautiful old hotel over me cooking the bird and all the other things at my house…. as a critique of my cooking, it’s valid! (Haha- I’m pretty good. Not great, but pretty good!) I miss cooking so much! And the leftovers most of all!!!!!

Ashley B. - November 25, 2014

Haha what a funny story! I’m sure it wasn’t at the time though :-/ Thanks for the recipe! Have a lovely Thanksgiving! 🙂

CR Williams - November 25, 2014

I never have roasted a turkey before, can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Birdiebee - November 27, 2014

I have only ordered a pre-made turkey dinner once from a local store. It was okay but not like what I would normally cook. I did this due to time constraints but now try to plan ahead so that we have a wonderful Turkey Day.

Darlene Carbajal - November 27, 2014

That turkey looks amazing!

Jen B - November 27, 2014

Sounds like quite the turkey adventure!

Tammy S - November 29, 2014

For $300 you would think it was cooked. Plus I would expect them to come to my house and do all the cleanup after dinner. Lol
Cooking a turkey is not as hard as everyone makes it sound. I’m glad you know how to cook a turkey now and that you save so much money doing it the easier way.

Felice - November 30, 2014

Loved your story – my SIL sends an organic turkey each year and even comes over to cook it! I host the event and we have about 25+ guests. We also have baked ham and I make the lasagna… overall it is a blessed day!

Brittany - November 24, 2015

How long did it take to cook your turkey?

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