Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide Review

Finding out you’re unable to consume gluten containing foods is hard enough, trying to shop for foods you can eat shouldn’t be hard too. Whether it’s due to allergies or other health concerns, living gluten free doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Triumph Dining has published a book to help you shop within your dietary limits. gluten free
The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide is filled with 280 budget-friendly and time-saving pages. The guide boasts over 44,000 rand-name and store-brand gluten-free products in grocery stores nationwide. The guide is color coded to make shopping even simpler, with products being broken up as they are in the grocery store.

The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide makes living gluten free and catering to those with  gluten free lifestyle almost effortless. It’s also highly reassuring since there are more items than one may think available in a gluten free form.
Another great thing about the Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide is anyone can use it. If cooking just isn’t in your schedule there’s a list of pre-cooked foods that are safe to eat. There are symbols throughout the book to further help you understand the products. You’ll find out whether an item is prepared and/or packaged in a gluten free facility, has special attention and testing for gluten or if there’s a possibility of cross contamination.

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To make it even easier, some of the most popular grocery stores (Cosco, Kroger, Walmart, Publix and more) are listed as well as their store specific brands. Everything is in alphabetical order, by section so you can find whatever you’re looking for in a few seconds.Aside from the extensive food products there is also educational material within the Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide. You’ll learn more about labeling laws, safe and unsafe shopping habits and even common unsafe ingredients to look out for. Triumph Publishing has taken gluten free living from possible to enjoyable and safe.

While I don’t live gluten free, I have several friends and family members who do for various reasons. I’ve always struggled to prepare dishes that were safe for them without sacrificing flavor. Thanks to the Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide I’m able to easily shop for ingredients and now know what to look for on the labels.

The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide would make a great gift for friends and family who either live gluten free themselves or try to cater to those who do. There are some advertising’s within the book for gluten free brands and products – but nothing overwhelming or in poor taste. I can recommend this to anyone who is in the world of gluten free lifestyle’s.


Get the Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide today!

This book is great for those trying to get a feel for what they can and can not eat. It also makes a great gift for friends and family who accommodate for those who live a gluten free lifestyle. Head over and get your copy of  the Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide today.

Disclosure: I received a copy of The Essential Gluten Free Grocery Guide at no cost to myself in order to provide this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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