Tortuga Rum Cakes Review

Holiday desserts are highly sought after. That’s an understatement; sometimes I think the only reason we eat dinner is for the desserts. What about you – do you fill up on holiday dinner or do you make sure to save room for dessert?

While there’s something to be said about those who spend days preparing cakes, pies, cookies and other sweets for holiday desserts, it’s not always fun. As someone who spends close to a week shopping, prepping and baking these sweets I can honestly say I’d love a break. I’d love to find a dessert that is worthy of the dessert table that I don’t have to put so much time into. Tortuga-Rum-Cakes-2

Tortuga, probably best known for their Rum, has a dessert that will leave rum lovers hungering for more. Their tender, impossibly moist cakes come ready to serve up to your holiday – or non holiday – guests with pride. While most rum cakes leave you wondering if they’re even worthy of the name, Tortuga Rum Cakes most certainly earned their name.

I was able to sample a Six Pack variety of Tortuga Rum Cakes with my family and friends over our holiday festivities. John was the first to try them and his initial response actually made me hesitate to try them myself. From just smelling the rum cakes his eyes widened. Tasting led to the same wide eyed result. He actually had to pick up the box to see if there was a proof listed. The rum has a very noticeable presence in the cakes. Tortuga-Rum-Cakes-1

The first bite of the Tortuga Rum Cakes packs the most punch. Afterwards you find yourself automatically sending the fork back in for more and more. I have never had a pre-packaged cake as moist as these. There is not a dry or flavorless bite to be found in these rum cakes. I think it’s more of a surprise when you take the first bite; you’re not expecting that vibrant rum flavor – especially if you’ve never had a real Rum Cake.

While I have yet to visit the Caribbean, the flavors in these rum cakes give me a pretty good idea of what it would  be like. I’m a huge fan of tropical fruits: pineapple, coconut, mango, papaya…did I mention I love Pina Coladas?! The variety pack comes with 6 4 oz. rum cakes in Original Golden with Walnuts, Chocolate, Coconut, Key Lime, Banana and Pineapple. The fact that there are real pieces of fruit in these cakes make me swoon.  Tortuga-Rum-Cakes

The flavors were mild compared to that of the rum, however they were still obvious. My favorite was the banana (I’m a sucker for anything banana) while John loved the Key Lime. Even my son wanted to try some, although I was a little hesitant. I didn’t think he would be able to get past the rum taste and I was a little worried about giving him rum. John reminded me that I cook with alcohol often and I should know the alcohol cooks away. So I gave my son his own rum cake in what other flavor than chocolate? He loved it – ate every last crumb and licked the plate.

Something I did with the Rum Cakes that helped tone down the intense rum flavor was add an accompaniment to them. I drizzled my sons chocolate rum cake with chocolate syrup and added a dollop of whipped cream. I used crushed pineapples on the Pineapple rum cake and a banana foster type topping for the banana rum cake. The cakes are great without the additions but they really come to live with the addition of those special ingredients.

logo If you’re looking for a new tradition for your holiday gatherings or you just have a craving for the Caribbean then head over to Tortuga Rum Cakes website and see everything they have to offer. You can also connect with Tortuga on Facebook and Twitter.

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