How to Choose Kitchen Knives

Does your kitchen suffer from dull knife syndrome? Mine did and what made it worse was I had just bought a pretty expensive set of knives. They were great the first use and then dulled down to the point I was sawing instead of cutting.

So, what do you look for when you’re selecting kitchen knives? I’ll tell you and let you know why I love the knives I received from Good Cook (you can win the same set below!)Good-Cook-Knives-How-to-Choose-Kitchen-Knives-1


The most obvious reply is price. Most people want to make sure the knives they choose are affordable. However – a method many of the people I know use is to find the more expensive knives and move down in price to find those that fit within a budget. Too many people think that as long as the knives cost over a certain amount they’re good knives. The truth is that’s a good way to find yourself disappointed (and with non-quality kitchen knives.)

Higher prices shouldn’t influence your shopping decisions. Just because something costs more doesn’t mean it’s better – just that those marketers realize people will pay more for certain names.

How long they stay sharp

The purpose of kitchen knives is to cut. Meats, herbs, vegetables – slicing, dicing, julienning and paring these are the knives jobs. So, shouldn’t they actually work? When shopping for kitchen knives you want those that serve their purpose as effortlessly as possible. You shouldn’t have to use them like a hacksaw. You also shouldn’t have to apply maximum pressure. Your knives should glide through whatever it is they’re cutting.

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to kitchen knives is when they work great the first few times then become dull. I’m not a fan of sharpening my knives, so the less frequently I need to do it the better.

Balance & Fit

This may seem like a strange feature to look for when choosing kitchen knives, but they’re 2 features you notice right away. When you’re choosing kitchen knives you want to choose those that are comfortable. That is, you want to feel steady and coordinated when you’re holding the knife and working with it

Have you ever watched professionals chop herbs, veggies or anything else? They’re like food ninjas and a big part of that is their comfort with the knives they use.


The set of knives I received from The Good Cook are absolutely amazing and fit into the requirements I have when shopping for kitchen knives. They have great prices, terrific balance and have maintained their sharpness for a month of heavy use – with no sign of wear in site.

Here Are the Good Cook Knives I received:

  • Nonstick Chef Knife – Blue, 5” blade (Retail: $24.49This is my 2nd favorite knife. I’ve never owned an amazing Chef’s Knife – not until now.
  • Nonstick Bread Knife – Yellow, 7” blade (Retail: $29.99I never full understood what use a bread knife was. That’s because I never had one that was this nice – this leaves my bread intact instead of hacking it to pieces.
  • Nonstick Sandwich Knife – Purple, 5” blade (Retail: $19.99) I enjoy having a knife specifically for sandwiches  I’ve always used a regular knife, but this makes the process so easy.
  • Nonstick Santoku Knife – Orange, 5” blade (Retail: $18.99) This is my favorite of the 6 knives (although it is a close call.) It’s perfect for deboning and trimming meat effortlessly.
  • Nonstick Utility Knife – Red, 5” blade (Retail: $15.69This is one of those go to things; it’s useful in  so many situations – a definite kitchen must have knife.
  • Nonstick Paring Knife – Green, 4” blade (Retail: $14.99) I totally appreciate the ease of paring thanks to this knife. I used it to peel and slice my peaches for my Southern Peach Cobbler!

Each knife is perfectly sharp which is something I’ve been so desperate for. They make prep work effortless whether it’s fruits, veggies, herbs or meats – I’m able to cut, dice, split or julienne with ease and I love that! Since they are coated (all but the sharp edge of the blade) you don’t have to worry about what you’re cutting sticking to the knife.Good-Cook-Knives-

Something else I absolutely love about these Good Cook Knives are the colors. They’re bold and vibrant and perfect for Spring Time. The only thing I miss with these knives is my knife block. However, these knives come with matching sheaths which adds security and storage ability. They look beautiful in my kitchen caddy.

From the first time I held these knives I’ve been 100% comfortable with them. They have ergonomic, soft-grip handles that mak thm easier to use and hold on to – even with slippery hands.

You can get these amazing knives as well as other awesome Good Cook products on the Good Cook website.