Thailand Lemon Grass Tea Recipe

Thailand Lemon Grass Tea Recipe

Thailand Lemon Grass Tea Recipe

Lemon grass tea is one of the wonderful recipes that I had while I was in Thailand. It can be served both cold or hot. I truly prefer the cold version. It is easy to make and doesn’t require that many ingredients or that much time. Lemon grass is said to have a lot of healing properties. It is thought to help with high blood pressure, relieving the common cold, and helping with achy joints. I am not sure about all of that but what I do know is that it is both tasty and refreshing and I truly enjoyed drinking it while in Thailand.

Here’s how to make this Thailand Lemon Grass Tea Recipe

Thailand Lemon Grass Tea Recipe


  • 1 stalk of Lemon grass
  • 1 TBS of Sugar per 1 liter of water
  • Lime (optional)

I make 4 liters of lemon grass tea.

Thailand Lemon Grass Tea Recipe

The tea is easily made. You will need to take out your lemon grass. Place it on the cutting board and push the knife (I used Cutco Knife) against it if you have a mallet you can lightly pound it to release the flavor.

Thailand Lemon Grass Tea Recipe

Then you will put the lemon grass in a post of boiling water. You will need to boil the tea for ten minutes to fully cook the lemon grass. I usually do 4 liters or so when I boil the water. Then you actually cook the stalks in the water.

I add the sugar right before the end and I make sure to stir it until it has dissolved. I use 4 TBS but if you want it sweeter then add a little more sugar. I would add more than about 6 TBS for 4 Liters. If you want to make fancy ice then just freeze some of the tea and freeze it. Then use lime to decorate it. You can also add ginger to it and honey if you wish.

Thailand Lemon Grass Tea Recipe

This is a great dish to serve with my pad thai or my mango sticky rice. I learned how to make both of these dishes while in Thailand. If you want to see some of my pictures visit >>>> vacation maybe….

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